Making Roads Safer, Protecting the Environment, and Strengthening the Economy through Vehicle Weight Limit Reform.

CTP Supports federal legislation known as the Safe & Efficient Transportation Act (SETA)


Cleaner Environment

The U.S. DOT estimates that raising the federal weight limit to 97,000 pounds will save 2 billion gallons of diesel fuel each year and cut emissions by 19% per ton mile.


Improved Infrastructure

The U.S. DOT estimates that allowing six-axle trucks to carry more weight on interstates will save $2.4 billion in pavement restoration costs over the next 20 years.


Stronger Economy

Raising the federal vehicle weight limit will allow American producers to reduce the number of shipments needed to deliver a fixed amount of goods - making them more productive and competitive.



Since the U.K. raised its weight limit to 97,000 pounds for six-axle vehicles in 2001, fatal truck-related accidents have declined by 35%. Properly designed heavier trucks can be used safely in the U.S.


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