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Ag Groups Back Truck Weight Increase Amendment

Coalition Asks Congress to Add SAFE Trucking Act to Highway Bill

NGFA supports passage of U.S. surface transportation bill

CTP urges Congress to include ‘SAFE Trucking Act’ as an amendment to highway bill

NPTC asks House panel to include heavier truck language in transport bill

Shipper group backs bill raising truck weight limits

Truck Weight Limit Should Be 91,000 Pounds, NPTC tells Congress

Ohio groups are lobbying for the truck regulation change

Texas needs responsible truck weight reform for safer, more efficient transportation network

New Bill Would Permit 91,000-lb Rigs With Extra Axle

U.S. Rep. Ribble wants states to decide truck weight

Texas road safety questioned in fight for bigger trucks

Longer, heavier semitruck trailers proposed

Trucking Act Supported by NGFA

Ribble introduces trucking efficiency bill

U.S. Looks to Boost Truck Weight Limit

Rep. Offers Heavier Truck Bill

Legislation aims to find middle road in US truck weight debate

Truck weight fight awaits

New bill would permit 91,000-lb. rigs with extra axle

Compromise truck efficiency bill introduced

Safe Truck Act garners United Fresh support

Proposed trucking act could increase weight limit of trucks

Ribble Introduces Compromise Truck Efficiency Bill

AISI applauds introduction of Truck Efficiency Bill

Dairy industry pushes for increased commercial truck weights

United Fresh backs new truck safety bill that could boost produce shipping capacity

AISI Backs Higher Trucking Tonnage Limit

Congress can give US economy the truck it needs

House bill would increase Interstate weight limit to 91,000 pounds

Legislation proposed to allow 91,000-pound trucks on U.S. highways

Bill Would Up Truck Weight Limit to 91,000 Pounds

GOP bill would allow states to decide on heavier trucks

Coalition for productivity, shippers, manufacturers voice support for 91,000-lb. 6-axle trucks

NGFA pushes for infrastructure stability

How the USDOT’s comprehensive truck size and weight limits study impacts heavy equipment haulers

Group says DOT’s 6-axle truck data flawed

Testifying Before Transportation Research Board, CTP Urges Review of Questionable DOT Truck Size & Weight Study Conclusions

Coalition Urges Weight Increase

Group Pushes Congress to Up Federal Truck Weight Limit

Trucking Technology Tit for Tat: Will trucking get anything in return for ever-increasing regs?

Coalition urges Congress to act on truck weight reform

Coalition for Transportation Productivity asks Congress to take closer look at truck size and weight

Shippers group again calls for increases to truck size and weight limits

Heavier Six-Axle Trucks Pushed for Use on Interstates

DOT Study: Heavier US trucks won’t hurt intermodal rail

Read the Fine Print

Productivity group wants action on hiking six-axle weight limits

Shippers group calls on Congress for weight limit change

No change advised to truck size, weight limits, DOT tells Congress

US DOT Report Says Not Enough Data to Change Law on Longer, Heavier Trucks

DOT releases truck size and weight study

DOT: Lack of Data Argues Against Truck Size/Weight Changes

DOT releases truck size and weight study, results inconclusive; ATA calls report ‘flimsy’

FHWA study says not enough data to change truck size and weight

Congress Must Act to Improve Efficiency for All Modes of Freight

Feds Urged to Issue Weight Study

Shipping group calls for release of weight limit study details

Congressman Ribble urges release of DOT study findings on six-axle truck weight reform

Truck size and weight update: Shippers group urges DOT to release study it says shows safety of heavier trucks

Congress calls for results of study on truck weight, size

DOT urged to quickly release findings of two-year study into truck size, weight

Ribble Asks DOT to Fork Over Truck Data

Shippers press rail group to disclose truck size/weight lobbying activities

Breaking news! Railroads don’t want bigger trucks…

CTP hits back at railroad interests in latest battle over truck weight reform

Predicated on deception

Productivity boost: Increasing truck size and weight could be a boon to efficiency and safety

A 70-year low in Maine highway fatalities justifies targeted truck weight reform

Truck Sizes and Weight: The Long and the Short of It

Maine highway-fatality drop seen to boost truck-weight reform

CTP: Highway fatalities reach 70-year low in Maine

Fleet Owner: Truck vs. Rail

Journal of Commerce OpEd: How Trucking Can Ease the U.S. Capacity Crunch

More Weight in Trucks Does Not Equate to Having More Accidents

Experts Say More Productive Trucks Will Help Relieve Highway Capacity Constraints

Congress debates truck weight limits, freight movement in hearing

Truck weight limits debated as Congress develops freight plan

With Final Report Due Soon, House Freight Panel Takes on Truck Weights

A Long History Shapes the Size & Weight Study

CTP Sends Letter to Congress Using Support for HR 612, the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act (SETA)

Hershey joins push to increase truck weight

Congress, States Debate Heavier Trucks

Summit Keys in on Trucking’s Role in Sustainability

Home Depot backs federal vehicle weight reform bill

CTP starts video campaign to rally support for federal truck weight reform legislation

Shippers, stakeholders, initiate digital video campaign for truck weight reform

Shippers Step Up Campaign for Heavier Trucks

Video seeks to unify heavy truck support

CTP to Congress: Analysis of Maine bridges supports heavier trucks

Coalition for Transportation Productivity Says Opponents of Bill to Increase Truck Weight Limits Spreading False Information to Congress

Coalition wants to correct ‘misinformation’ on truck weight increase

Schmidt: Drive Recovery With Better Truck Efficiency

Truckers, agencies dispute weight limit

Heavier trucks could travel interstates under proposal before Congress

Competing bills filed on truck weights

Higher truck weight limit seen as cure for “regulatory drag”

Bill Would Allow States to Raise Truck Weight Limits

Groups converge on Capitol Hill to push for heavier trucks

Legislation for heavier trucks re-introduced in the House

House Reintroduces Safe & Efficient Transportation Act

Truck-weight reform bill reintroduced by bipartisan champions

Proposal to keep Maine truck-weight pilot in Senate bill

Spending bill would extend truck weight pilot program


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