18 Wheeler Accidents

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A lot of accidents involving 18-wheelers, also known as semi-trucks, occur in Michigan every year. Recent statistics show that more than 500,000 accidents involving this type of vehicles occur every year in the United States. High pedestrian density In Michigan and careless truck drivers make the likelihood of an accident occurring every single day very high. Pedestrians are not the only ones at risk. All road users, including people driving other vehicles, are also at risk. 18-wheelers are particularly dangerous because of their high mass. Authorities have also established that accidents involving these trucks have been on the rise because some of their owners are not keen on maintaining their vehicles.

A Quick Look at the US Trucking Industry and 18-Wheelers

There are millions of 18-wheelers in operation in the US. These trucks generate millions of dollars as they transport different commodities across the United States. A good number of these trucks go through Michigan every month. The massive amount of money that truck owners and their drivers put in their pockets makes some of them do things that they are not supposed to do. Some are greedy and have the desire to make more money while putting the lives of others at risk.  Some operators put a lot of demand on their drivers, something that affects their ability to do their jobs safely. This not only endangers the lives of other road users; it also endangers the lives of the drivers.

Truck driving is a job that requires people in the best state of mind and body.  Truck drivers have to be able to cope with the stresses of the job they do. Some commercial operators go further than pushing their drivers to work more hours than the law allows.  They encourage bad behavior by not punishing drivers who do things that put their lives and lives of others at risk.  For example, some operators may know that their drivers drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, over speed and do a lot of other things that endanger lives but chose to do nothing. In such cases, both the driver and the operator have to be held accountable when an accident occurs.

There are other commercial truck operators that decide to take short cuts as far as the safety of their vehicles is concerned.  It is the responsibility of the operators to ensure that all their trucks are inspected, repaired and well maintained.  It does matter whether they own a vehicle or they leased it. If a truck owner delays critical inspection and fails to conduct repairs in good time, they will be held accountable when an accident involving their vehicles occur. It is wrong to put other people’s lives at risk by being negligent.  Operators and drivers who cause injuries, wrongful deaths and the damage of property have to be punished.

18-Wheelers vs. Normal Passenger Vehicles

18-wheelers are relatively bigger than passenger vehicles and can reach high speeds pretty fast.  This makes them very dangerous when they are involved in an accident.  It is more difficult to stop these vehicles than it is to stop passenger vehicles. The semi-trucks can also cause more damage when they hit other objects than passenger vehicles. That is why it is imperative that these vehicles are well maintained. They have to be in sound mechanical state at all times.

Are You a Victim of an Accident? Talk to a Michigan 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Today

Cases involving semi-trucks accidents can be very complex and confusing.  If you are a victim of an accident involving this type of vehicle, proving that you are suffering due to the negligence of a driver or an operator can be an uphill task.  That is why you should seek the services of a semi-truck accident lawyer. The lawyer knows exactly what needs to be done to prove you are suffering due to negligence. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer will invest time, resources and experience to ensure that you get justice. Don’t hesitate to talk to 18 wheeler accident lawyers if you are a victim of an accident involving an 18-wheeler or a similar commercial truck.  It’s not possible to reverse what you went through, but the lawyers will do everything they can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to live a comfortable life.