5 Common Forms of Injuries Resulting From Truck Accidents

Injuries from automobile accidents are often caused by the negligence of other road users and are usually associated with head, neck and back injuries that require immediate and expensive medical attention. In case of serious injuries, current medical procedures and other necessary operations can affect the family of the victim of a car accident due to medical bills and loss of income. In order to recover damages related to the crash, you will need the assistance of a truck accident lawyer in Michigan.  Car accidents are becoming a popular cause of death and are also one of the most common causes of injuries in many people. Although some accidents can only cause scratches, minor abrasions, broken bones, and bruises, others can cause damage to the brain, organs and spinal cord. Here are 5 common forms of auto accident injuries.

Damage To The Neck and Spine

Injuries to the neck and spine are also a common truck accident injury even if wearing a seat belt. This type of injury varies from a temporary spinal injury to a spinal injury. The discs in the neck may have a hernia (bulge), a crack or slip. The compression or hernia violation can damage the disks in the middle and lower part of the back. This can lead to permanent disability and require a risky operation.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Injury to the brain can be caused by any blow to the head. In many cases, it is obvious when a brain injury occurred. For example, a car accident can cause a traumatic head injury, which is very obvious. However, some injuries are not so obvious such as a concussion. The one who falls and then gets up again may not even realize that he has damaged his brain. Only later, when the symptoms appear, does one realize that something is wrong.

Spinal Cord Injury

These accidents can also cause injuries to the spinal cord, and this in the case of stab wounds, excessive pressure and bruises.  This type of injury can occur during any type of vehicle accident, but is even more common in trucks because the size and large forces upon impact. This type of injury can completely change the life of a person with possible paralysis and loss of muscle function in different parts of the body. Therefore, the quality of life is seriously endangered because the costs of treatment, treatment, treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital are excessive.

Internal Injuries

The liver, spleen, heart, kidneys, lungs or intestines can be seriously damaged in a car accident. This is something that should not be neglected, since it requires extensive surgery or, otherwise, leads to a long-term disability. In many cases, victims of internal injuries die within minutes of the injury. Sometimes they are difficult to detect and difficult to treat.

Spinal injuries

The flagellum is the most common injury caused by a truck accident. This type of injury can occur every time someone receives a lot of power. Most of these injuries occur when the driver hits from behind. When the power of the second vehicle reaches the driver, the driver’s head snaps and snaps back into place. This type of injury is harmful due to the tremendous force acting on the neck. A whip can cause a number of other medical problems. Things like chronic pain, joint dysfunction, and the herniated disc can occur due to soft tissue damage.

What To Do If You’ve Suffered Serious Injuries

It is not easy to forget the pain and suffering that a victim may experience during a car accident. The victim may also suffer pain and suffering in the depths of his heart for many years until he is healed. However, counseling and hiring a lawyer experienced in truck and automobile accidents is the best way to file a lawsuit against the unattended person that caused the accident.