Auto Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Michigan

People involved in accidents with motor vehicles have to face a considerable amount of damages whether they are driving the vehicle or not. These accidents can cause a substantial amount of damages to the bicyclists, pedestrians or passengers on their path, even if the crash is of very minor nature. An accident with a car can cause various types of injuries including spinal injury, breaking of bones, wounds and head trauma etc. Some of these injuries may need continual medical treatments or major surgeries to get cured. If you or your loved one is involved in any of the pedestrian auto accidents in Michigan then you can contact us to consult a Michigan Truck Accident lawyer to file and pursue your case of an auto accident claim.

Injuries Caused in an Auto Pedestrian Accident

Spinal injuries: It is one of the most common injuries caused during a pedestrian-auto accident. His injury is normally caused when your body is still and head and neck are propelled forward with a sudden jerk. It can also damage ligaments, tissue, and muscles in the neck along with fracturing or displacement of spinal discs. These injuries may need continuous treatment or major surgeries to cure.

Head injuries: The other commonest type of injury on auto pedestrian accidents is a head injury which directly affects one’s brain as it is a very delicate part of the human body. Your brain can get irreversibly damaged or injured just by shaking or blowing your body or head violently. Head injuries such as concussions can be caused not only to the pedestrian but to the vehicle driver also as his head can strike against the window, steering wheel or any other hard surface in the car during such accidents.

Bruise: When a blood vessel or capillary gets injured in an auto pedestrian accident then the blood leaked under the skin can cause bruises or contusions. Though this is a less serious injury but you cannot ignore it as it may require surgery depending upon its severity and location like internal organs or brain etc.

Bone damage: An unexpected impact on a bone during an auto accident can commonly end up in a bone breakage. It can cause multiple fractures of various types. The condition of the victim can be more serious if there is internal damage along with bone breaking. It requires surgeries to replace or modify the bone alignment.

Chest injuries: The victims of auto pedestrian accidents can suffer from various types of internal damages due to sudden impact on their chest. It can damage lungs, fracture sternums and break ribs by striking on the steering wheel even if the driver is wearing a seat belt. These injuries can need multiple major surgeries and ongoing medical treatment.

So, to understand the extent of mental and physical harm your personal injury has made, in an auto accident due to the carelessness of the driver, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer in Michigan. It is also important to understand the nature of your injury as it is going to affect the benefits of your personal injury case along with your personal health.   An auto accident lawyer at Transportation Productivity Law can guide you in filing your claim for an auto accident in Michigan.