Fatal Accidents

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Fatal Truck Accidents

Road accidents involving trucks mostly end up in severe injuries, or worse, death. Commercial trucks used for delivery and transport of goods can be semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, big-rigs, freight trucks, delivery trucks, and dump trucks.

A truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds, and it is easy to see how a collision with one can end up with devastating and fatal results. A total of 13,416 truck crashes in Michigan was tallied in 2017, and 96 of which resulted in death while 2,437 resulted in injuries.

Many types of truck accidents occur in Michigan. The most common are:

  • Head-on Collision
  • Rear-end Collision
  • Lane Change Collision
  • Loss of Truck or Vehicle Control
  • Hit and Run Truck Accident
  • Right Hand Squeeze Collision

What are the Common Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents?

Fatal truck accidents in Michigan can be caused by a wide range of factors. Here are the most common causes of deadly truck accidents.

  • The driver is distracted. Distracted driving comes as the top reason for disasters on the road. When a truck driver becomes preoccupied with other matters, such as eating, drinking, adjusting the air conditioner, adjusting the rearview mirror, and changing the radio channels, it can end up in disastrous crashes.
  • The truck’s cargo is not safely secured. Trucks carry heavy and big loads, and as such, these loads must be adequately and safely secured. If not secured or fastened adequately, it can fall off and cause fatal crashes. There are state regulations on how trucks should safely secure the loads that they need to transport.
  • The driver is tired. Most truck drivers drive long miles and long hours. This can cause fatigue and can lead to the driver’s poor condition to drive and become a high risk of crash accidents.
  • The truck has some faulty parts and equipment. If the truck has defective parts, it can negatively affect the trucker’s driving which can lead to a crash.
  • The truck is not maintained correctly. Truck companies have the responsibility to schedule their trucks for regular check-ups and maintenance. Trucks that are not properly maintained are prone to breakdown and engine trouble that may lead to accidents.

How is a Truck Crash from a Car Crash?

Truck accidents are more complex than car crashes for many reasons. Like in car crashes, you will also need an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer who is experienced in fatal truck crash cases. Truck crashes are more complicated than car crashes due to the following:

  1. Truck crashes result in more severe injuries. Truck-related accidents can often lead to more catastrophic and disastrous results due to the size and weight of trucks.
  2. Multiple parties can be held accountable. Most truck drivers are employees of a company. The company by which the truck driver works for can be held accountable for the negligence of their truck driver. If the accident is caused by the malfunction of the truck, the truck’s manufacturer can also be held liable.

What Can a Surviving Spouse or Family Member File after a Fatal Truck Accident?

If you are a surviving family member of a fatal truck crash victim, you can file a wrongful death claim to protect your rights. A wrongful death claim is filed against a defendant who has brought death to another person, either through negligence or through intentional means. A wrongful death claim can compensate for your losses because of the death of your family. You can be compensated for the following losses and expenses in a successful wrongful death claim:

  • The funeral and burial expenses for your deceased loved one.
  • The loss of earnings due to your loved one’s demise.
  • The loss of companionship.
  • The mental and emotional trauma brought about by the death of your family.

If the victim does not have a spouse or children, the surviving parents or siblings can file for the claim.

What Can a Michigan Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Proving negligence in a Michigan fatal truck accident where a loved one has died is a complex process. To do so requires in-depth knowledge and experience with the law. An experienced Michigan fatal truck accident lawyer can help surviving family members get compensated, as they should be.

It is vital that surviving family members consult a Michigan fatal truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Trucking companies can destroy records of safety inspections and the truck driver’s working hours, after a particular time. These documents can prove the liability of not just the truck driver, but the trucking company as well.

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