Garbage Truck Accidents

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Waste management workers are very important to our community despite having one of the most difficult jobs to do. While on their duty, these workers are exposed to numerous hazards such as accidents and other work-related injuries.   This is why they deserve to be compensated appropriately in case they are injured.  If they are killed on the job, their families also deserve to be taken care of as the law demands.

Our Michigan truck accidents attorneys understand how tragic garbage truck accidents can be and work tooth and nail to ensure injured workers are well compensated so that they can heal and continue providing for their families.  So if you or one of your family member is involved in a garbage truck accidents, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits which should cover the following:

  • emotional trauma
  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • loss of earning capacity
  • pain and suffering

Common Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

Like other drivers, garbage truck drivers must also cope with traffic, road hazards, and bad weather making a garbage man an extremely dangerous job. However, unlike other motorists, garbage truck drivers carry a big weight behind them. This makes them struggle to stop in case they meet an obstacle on the road. This means that garbage trucks drivers are prone to serious accidents. The following are some of the scenarios leading to garbage truck accidents.

  1. When the waste management worker is struck by another truck.
  2. When the worker is struck by another negligent, reckless or distracted driver.
  3. When the worker or bystander is struck by debris or objects.
  4. When there’s a malfunction of the equipment used in waste management resulting in injury.
  5. When the driver or worker is not properly trained.
  6. When an inexperienced worker causes injury to another worker on the job due to an error or mistake in judgment.
  7. When the vehicle is not well serviced and brakes fail while on the road resulting in an accident.

Examples of Waste Management Injuries

Working with heavy machinery like a dump truck can result in serious accidents resulting in serious injuries physically, mentally, and emotionally. In fact, a person who is involved in a garbage truck accident may never be able to live their normal lives again or return to their job. This is why our Michigan work injury attorneys are so committed to ensuring that clients know their legal rights and are compensated enough to meet their future needs and obligations. Here are some of the forms of injuries associated with garbage trucks.

  • Broken or crushed bones which may result in disability or loss of function of the involved extremities.
  • Spine or back injuries to the back or spine which may result in acute or chronic pain or disability.
  • Traumatic brain injuries leading to neurological deficits.
  • Amputation due to untreatable crush injuries involving the limbs.
  • Emotional trauma including post-traumatic stress disorder after the accident.
  • Death, if the accident was fatal.

Contact Us for The Best Representation in Michigan

If you are involved in garbage truck accident, as a worker, driver, or bystander, you can trust our work injury lawyers to represent you professionally in the court of law. Depending on circumstances that led to your injury, we will negotiate with the garbage removal company and insurance company to ensure you’re adequately compensated for the injuries. Even if it’s your relative who is the victim, our experienced lawyers will ensure you are well-compensated to help you cope with the loss.

In many cases of work injuries, there is one or more parties liable for the accident. The truck driver is one of the people who are blamed for truck accidents, but the garbage removal company may also be responsible. Even the manufacturer of the garbage truck or the maintenance company may be liable for the accident.

Winning any work-related injury case in the court of law is not easy without an adept work injury lawyer. Our lawyers are specialized in the field and have handled many similar cases. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can discuss your legal options and rights and the way forward. Be assured that you’ll get justice and be compensated adequately when you have our attorneys represent you.