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Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have been involved in an accident in Michigan whether minor or major, you need a truck accident lawyer.


Our Michigan truck accident lawyers have your best interest at heart. We take each case seriously and treat each client independently. We help you understand your case right from the consultation session. We work hard to ensure that you are informed on all the case proceedings including courtroom information. We understand that transparency is key in creating a reliable client-lawyer relationship

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The possibility of being involved in a truck accident is apparent to everyone. The pain, trauma, financial and social effects of an accident can be devastating. At our Michigan Law Office, we have to deal with clients who suffer such effects every day. We have helped many clients walk through the devastating effects of accidents such as lack of finances to settle hospital bills, loss of work, physical impairment, and much more.  Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with logging truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, garbage truck accidents, and tow-truck accidents.  We understand how hard it can be to deal with such circumstances. We know that you need someone to hold your hand during such hard times.

Our promise is to walk with you through all the difficulties while protecting your rights. We will help you get the necessary medical attention, work privileges, and your rightful compensation in time. Whether the truck accident was caused by your actions or not, you have rights that must be protected. Sometimes, the justice system may not be so just to you. You may be subjected to unfair terms by insurance companies and have some of your rights and privileges violated. Our duty is to protect you from those who wish to take away your rights and privileges during such a hard time.

We also know that without transparency and trust, it would be difficult for us to win your case. Our past success is pegged on the fact that we listen to our clients and talk to them too. Unlike other Michigan truck accident lawyer services, we are not money oriented. Most lawyers will ask for payment upfront; on the contrary, we never ask for payment before the case is done. You do not have to worry about our charges before we win your case. We have so much confidence in our lawyers such that we are willing to get paid after the work is done.

The Lawyer You Choose Matters

After you have been involved in a truck accident, your mind may be in a state of confusion. You will receive advice from all quarters with friends and relatives referring you to different lawyers. This is not the time for you to make rash decisions. As much as you would love a lawyer as quickly as possible, you need to make the right choice. For you to win any trucking accident case in Michigan, you must employ the services of the best truck accident lawyer. You need to choose an attorney that has been in the trade for a long time. An attorney that understands the system, has worked with different judges before and can negotiate a good deal for you. Do not fall for anything short of the best. Do not fall for cheap lawyers who will show up from nowhere promising to win you the case without showing any evidence of their previous work.

Our Michigan semi-truck lawyer has enough experience to help you win your case. We handle each case with dedication— aiming for the best outcome possible. You may have suffered devastating injuries leading to a broken limb, head injury, back injury or in some cases loss of life. Whichever the case, you can trust our expert lawyers to get you the right compensation for your loss. It is important to deal with a lawyer that cares for you and desires that you win the case. Using our dedicated truck accident lawyers guarantees the best representation and the best compensation for you.

Who Needs The Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer Services

If you have been involved in an accident in Michigan whether minor or major, you need a car accident lawyer. Insurance companies are looking for every opportunity to make money from car accident victims without an attorney. They will throw all types of accusations your way just to avoid paying you. You should know that such companies are represented by experienced lawyers. If you wish to get anything out of your case, it is important to get a lawyer who is equally sharp and experienced. Without a lawyer, you may not get the compensation that you desperately need. You need the compensation to get your life back in order. Truck accident victims face may problems. Some serious issues that victims have to deal with include

  • Enormous medical bills
  • Loss of work or missing work and pay
  • Constant pain, in some cases may last for a lifetime
  • Need for constant personalized home care services
  • Possible loss of life

Without proper representation, the Michigan insurance companies will deny you any compensation. In some cases, the lawyers may blackmail you to take less compensation since you do not understand your rights. If you choose to approach the case with an amateur attorney or a state-provided lawyer, you may still suffer the same consequences. Most state-provided lawyers do not have time to focus on your case. They will rush through your case without paying attention to the details.

For over 20 years, our attorneys have been successfully representing car accident victims. Our aim is to ensure that you get all the compensation entitled to you. You should know those insurance companies are out to make sure you stay in the darkness. They will not disclose your rights or let you know the compensation you deserve. No-fault insurance cases are more complicated. Navigating the no-fault insurance system needs dedication and expertise in truck and car accident law. The good news is that our  attorneys have helped many people get compensated millions in such cases.

No-Fault Auto Insurance System

First Party Medical Benefits

With the no-fault insurance, you are guaranteed that your insurance will pay for most of your benefits in case of an accident. The name “no-fault” means that you must get compensated whether the accident was caused by your fault or another person. The no-fault benefits in Michigan include 85% of your lost wages for the first 3 years after the accident, all future medical bills related to your injury and daily reimbursement for chores you cannot perform. You also need to be compensated for attended care if you need any. However, you do not have to sue the party at fault since most of the damages are already paid for by your insurance company (First Party). You may only sue the negligent party for your suffering and pain or for the salary lost beyond the first 3 years of the accident.

Suing The Negligent or At-Fault Driver

You may only sue the at-fault party under the circumstances that the injury caused to you by the accident can be defined as seriously impairing or fatal. This means that the results of the accident may cause permanent disfigurement or death. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult proving that the accident caused serious impairment. This means that even a serious injury that may affect your life for a long time may not be considered as serious impairment by the judge. To be able to navigate the ups and downs such cases, you need proper representation.

Why Use No-Fault Insurance System

The main aim of using no-fault insurance is to make your insurance company the exclusive source of compensation in case of an accident. In most cases, injuries are not permanently impairing or fatal. This means that all the financial compensations are left for the insurance company. When you are on no-fault insurance, it is easy for you to get compensation and treatment benefits. While this may sound good, it is not always the case in reality. Most insurance companies will not give you your deserved amount without a hustle. They will make it hard for you to get your compensation and will not tell you what your full compensation should be. They will also investigate the truck/car accident privately and try shifting the blame to another insurance company. While such trials are going on in the court, you may be in dire need of money. You need to pay medical bills, settle domestic bills and other things.

If the insurance companies do not find any reason to blame another party, they may send you to their private doctor. The doctor may write an in-comprehensive report showing that you are not injured or that the accident was no the main cause of your injury. In the long run, you will not be able to receive your first party benefits. This system is exploited by insurance company attorneys every day. This also makes it difficult for you to sue the party responsible for the accident. This is the dilemma that most accident victims have to deal with on a daily basis.

You do not have to be a victim of conniving insurance company lawyers. Our semi-truck accident attorneys can help you deal with all the no-fault compensations in a professional manner. Whether your injury is minor or major, the insurance company must pay you according to your policy. If you are already in a tricky situation, let us help you get your rightful compensation. If you have been paying your premiums without any problem, the insurance company should compensate you without causing any problems. Through our experience in car accident law, we will help you not only get compensated for your injuries but also get the financial benefits for work days lost. Do not let your insurance company violet your no-fault rights. Our experienced attorneys will represent you in court and help you get what you deserve.

Types Of Truck Accident Claims In Michigan

There are many claims that a trucking accident victim can make. Some claims are directed towards the faulty party while others are directed to the insurance company. In either case, you may not be compensated if you do not get your facts right. The courts only listen to case arguments and facts.

No-Fault (1st Party)

No-fault claims are mandatory benefits that are supposed to be paid by your insurance company. If you are covered by a no-fault policy, your insurance company is supposed to pay your medical expenses, medical mileage, personalized care, and wage losses. The law limitations for the disbursement of these benefits is one year.

Pain and Suffering (3rd Party)

In this kind of claim, you are allowed to recover benefits from the fault party insurance company. In this type of claim, you are only compensated for injuries that are deemed seriously impairing of a body function. The legal limitations for a third party lawsuit is 3 years.

Mini Tort Claim

This simply refers to a claim for compensation owing to a damaged vehicle. The amount payable depends on the negligence of the faulty driver and the extent of the damage. The maximum compensation for a mini tort claim is $1,000

What Should I Do After an Injury in a Michigan Truck Accident?

Most people are in a state of confusion immediately after the accident. You need to relax your nerves and seek immediate medical attention. Most people are deceived to think that they are not injured. It is important for you to get checked by a doctor even if you feel that you are well. Some injuries may not be painful but may cause devastating health complications in the future. This is especially true for back and neck injuries. A simple dislocation of your neck or spinal disc can be painless in the beginning. However, such injuries may lead to devastating conditions including paralysis in the long run. It is your duty to ensure that you are checked by a doctor to prevent future health complications. It is also important to visit a doctor so as to get documentation. Insurance companies usually take advantage of situations where victims did not acquire the right documentation to blame the injury on something else. Make sure you get a comprehensive medical report on the same day of the accident if possible.

After you have been treated or while still under treatment, apply for your Michigan no-fault benefits. You should file such claims with your car insurance company or the insurance company that is responsible for your no-fault benefits. In some cases, the hospital may file these claims for you. You should find out as soon as possible if the claim has been filed.

Make sure you clearly document your injuries and the state of your car at the time of the accident. You should not rely on police photos for evidence. Police rarely take comprehensive photos of the accident scene and doctors never take the photos of the patient. It is your duty to have the best documentation and description of the accident scene.

Once you have all your documentation, you have filed your claim with your no-fault insurance company, and you have received the necessary medical care, contact our Michigan truck accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer will help you understand the next steps to take to receive your full compensation. In most cases, insurance companies are reluctant to pay. They will try taking advantage of your situation and may even send you their lawyers while you are still in your hospital bed. Do not agree to answer any of their questions before you speak to your attorney. Call an experienced truck accident lawyer to help you understand your rights. We have been providing representation for accident victims for many years now. Just give us a call to get help with your case.

Common Truck Accident Injuries In Michigan

Each truck accident is unique and the injuries resulting from accidents are different. However, most accidents may lead to serious injury such as bone fracture, spinal cord injuries, head injuries among others. In most cases, such injuries need extensive medical attention and are accompanied by heavy bills. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are usually not ready to take responsibility and pay the bills. They will fight hard to take away your no-fault privileges despite the fact that you need medical attention. The insurance companies will also try to minimize your injuries and your suffering in a bid to reduce the amount payable to you. It is important to get a good doctor to write your report after the accident. You should not accept the diagnosis offered by the insurance company. Most insurance companies offer doctors who do not disclose the full extent of the injuries in a bid to reduce the medical bill.

What If The Truck That Hit Me Didn’t Have Insurance?

It is a state requirement for all vehicles to have a no-fault insurance coverage in Michigan. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Since no-fault insurance is expensive, many truck and automobile owners do not get insurance and just hope that nothing bad will happen. When an accident eventually happens, the victims are left with no one to turn to. Additionally, the minimum insurance liability in Michigan is $20,000. If you are involved in an accident with a car that is covered by minimum liability, you may not be able to get all the medical coverage necessary. In such instances, you need a good lawyer to help you get the best compensation from the fault driver.

Another way of dealing with such instances is purchasing a Michigan un-insurance /under-insurance coverage. This type of coverage can be purchased from your own insurance company. In case you get involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle or under-insured vehicle, part of the claim will be paid by your insurance company. In case a car hits you and you are seriously injured causing permanent impairment and you choose to sue the at-fault driver, you may recover the uninsurance or under-insurance coverage that you purchased even if the at-fault driver has no insurance. Most people do not know that they have this type of coverage while others do not know what to do to make a claim. It is important for you to understand all your rights and privileges when claiming your truck accident compensation. Contact an experienced lawyer immediately after the accident to be able to enjoy these benefits. If you find out that the at-fault driver has no insurance or is under-insured, call us immediately for our expert help. We will help you recover your under-insured coverage to help you settle your medical bills and take care of other bills.

Why Choose Our Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer Services

While there are many truck accident lawyers in Michigan, only a few deliver what they promise. We do not just promise but we deliver. We have helped thousands of clients recover millions throughout our 20 years of operation. We are a law firm that values your health, your well-being and the well-being of your family. We understand the difficulties that victims have to go through after an accident and therefore we try to make it simple. For many years, we have helped thousands of clients go through the horrific effects of road accident injuries. We can walk with you too. You do not have to suffer under the conniving hands of your insurance company lawyers. Showing up to court without a lawyer only creates an opportunity for the insurance company.

Call Us For Consultations and Free Case Evaluation

If you have been involved in a road accident and need help, call us right away. We will help you understand the terms of your case and the benefits owed to you. Our Michigan truck accident law firm will handle your case with the seriousness it deserves and prepare a detailed case for you. We have helped many clients collect millions, we can help you too. We will work closely with you; helping you understand your rights every step on the way. You do not have to worry about our rates. We provide the best rates for truck accident representation in Michigan. Most importantly, you only pay after we win your case.


Insurance companies would like for you to think that they are on your side, but they are a business looking to maximize profits and it usually comes at your expense.   Take a look at this video to ensure you don’t make these 6 common mistakes!

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