The Coalition for Transportation Productivity (CTP) is a coalition of 200 shippers and allied associations dedicated to giving states the flexibility to safely confront highway capacity issues by utilizing more productive, six-axle trucks on Interstate highways within their borders.

CTP advocates for heavier - not bigger - six-axle trucks that meet the same safety standards as trucks currently allowed on interstates.

Raising interstate weight limits for six-axle tractor-trailers would effectively help address the safety, economic and environmental challenges facing our nation’s freight transportation network. CTP supports a user fee on units equipped with the additional axle that would be used for bridge repair.


More than 200 of the companies and associations that keep America thriving are CTP members.

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The U.S. DOT estimates that the SAFE Trucking Act configuration would result in a decline in fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions and emissions of nitrogen oxide.


By lowering axle weight limits, the SAFE Trucking Act would reduce pavement costs by as much as 4.2 percent, according to the U.S. DOT.


The SAFE Trucking Act will allow American producers to reduce the number of shipments needed to deliver a fixed amount of goods—making them more productive and competitive.


Since the U.K. similarly raised its weight limit for six-axle vehicles in 2001, fatal truck-related accidents have declined by 35%. Properly designed heavier trucks can be used safely in the U.S.