Logging Truck Accidents

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Logging trucks are often involved in some of the most gruesome truck accidents in Michigan. Semi-qualified drivers often drive these poorly maintained logging trucks and often have violated some regulations on road safety. Some are even overloaded and have poor lighting.  The operations of most of the logging trucks revolve around the same state. For example, those in Michigan will often carry logs from a forest in Michigan and transport them to a Timber mill within Michigan. It makes the Michigan Forest Product Trucking rules regulate them. These regulations were put together by individuals who are in the logging industry. That tells you the laws are very inferior hence unable to curb logging track accidents.

The police officers meant to enforce these shallow regulations are often not trained on them. They, therefore, do not know what they are looking for when it comes to investigating logging trucks accidents. Some are said to have relatives or friends who work in the logging industry and will thus mostly come up with police reports that are biased and favor the operators of the logging trucks. It results in them coming up with shallow statements that are against the victim of the logging trucks accidents.  Most of the log truck operators are small and hence rarely know about the sophistication of the insurance industry. They will often rarely report logging truck accidents to insurers although they have insurance covers some that come into effect due to contractual agreements and others due to legal requirements.

Common Causes of Logging Truck Accidents in Michigan


It is common for most logging trucks to overload especially in the times of the day that they approximate they will not meet with law enforcement officers on the roads. That’s either early morning or late in the night. Besides, the law does not have regulations on the length of the load. Some will carry such long luggage and lack load lights. Long load length is risky and leads to horrible logging truck accidents.

Poor Driver Qualifications

A logging truck driver is often not paid well in comparison to drivers in other industries. Many are sometimes left to juggle between two jobs at ago in a bid to make ends meet. Now that tells you most of those attracted to apply for a logging truck driver position are many of the times less qualified. The low pay will usually attract semi-skilled drivers who rarely know how to operate a logging truck. It is dangerous since it increases the risk of being involved in a logging truck accident. There are those drivers who also settle for the low pay instead since they are close home.

Some of the drivers are also not trained on road safety regulations especially in matters that relate to safe driving of logging trucks. Most of these drivers are the friends you have, and from the external appearance they look to be such great individuals, yet they are less qualified in driving logging trucks.

Poor Logging Truck Maintenance

Most of the logging trucks have been in operations for almost ten years and poorly maintained. They are common on the verge of breaking down. They are not road worthy and carry a high probability of causing an accident or being involved in one.

Poor Lighting

All logging trucks are often required to have load lights. The lights should be visible by a moving object that is around 500 miles away. That will help alert any motorist 500 miles away of the logging trucks. It will help the driver be careful as they drive towards the logging truck. Unfortunately, it is not the case as now. Most load lights of logging trucks are of poor quality and already covered with mud and dirt. Besides, there are those that are wired improperly making them produce poor quality lights.  Many of those involved in logging trucks accidents indicate that they often realize too late that there was an incoming logging truck on the road. Before they know, they get involved in a head-on collision with the logging truck.

Changing Routes in Illegal or Dangerous Areas

There are those logging truck drivers who do not wait for a roundabout to change routes. Though they have loads, they are long they ing u-turn from the highway. Immediately they block the road forgetting there could be an oncoming car. You do not need to know calculus to understand that this behavior is a recipe for horrific logging truck accidents.

Contact a Logging Truck Accident Lawyer

There are many other causes of logging truck accidents in Michigan. We have to work hard and ensure that these accidents do not occur.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a logging truck accident, our attorneys can help.  We have been litigating truck accident cases for over 40 years and have a reputation for success.  Call us today for a free consultaiton and case evaluation.  We charge nothing unless you win!