Tow Truck Accidents

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Tow trucks are recognized for their excellent work in rescuing other vehicles which have broken down or have been involved in accidents. But as we know, they are also moving vehicles which can cause accidents too.  Accidents are inevitable and can happen to any vehicle including tow vehicles. Even though tow trucks drivers are specially trained which makes tow trucks accidents rare, it can still occur under extreme circumstances. If you find yourself involved in a Tow Truck Accident, then you might need to seek the help of a truck accident lawyer in Michigan who can help you to navigate through the complex laws until you get your compensation.

Tow Truck Accidents And Driver Negligence

Tow trucks are not like the common trucks you find on the roads but uniquely made trucks to offer towing needs in different situations especially where vehicles have been involved in an accident and need to be towed. Tow truck cccidents can occur in various ways but here are some of the common ways.

  • Driver negligence or error. The driver of a tow truck may cause an accident due to some mistake that arises when operating the tow truck.  Such occasions may happen if the driver is towing a larger vehicle that hinders clear vision, parking dangerously, or something like that may which may cause severe injuries as a result of negligence.
  • The towed vehicle gets loose.  Sometimes the towed vehicle may get loose and release its attachment and roll over hitting other vehicles, bikers, pedestrians or riders. Such an accident can cause severe injuries as a moving object is always a dangerous weapon on the road.
  • Poorly maintained tow trucks.   If the tow truck is poorly managed, then the truck poses a significant danger to other motorists as it can cause severe accidents that may cause fatal accidents. Neglecting things such as faulty brakes and inappropriate lighting during the nights are one of the poor maintenance statuses that may cause extreme accidents.

Why Hire Professionals Tow Truck Accident Lawyers?

When you are involved in such an accident, you can accrue massive hospital bills that may constrain your financial status and even bring your family down to the knees.  Such cases involving companies take longer to be resolved thus causing you a lot of pain and damage.  Hiring a professional tow truck accident lawyer means that the cases can be resolved quickly and in your favor so that you can receive compensation when you need it.  Our lawyers know every single process of the complex laws as they have immense skills and knowledge when handling such cases so that you can get justice delivered to you.

Dealing with large truck companies as an individual is not easy as they search for minor tricks to implicate you and run away from the responsibility. When you hire a professional tow truck accident lawyer, you can get the guarantee that they will professionally deal with the company and make sure you get the most desirable compensation that will meet all your needs.  You don’t want to fall a victim of a tow truck accident that can live your family crippled in terms of financial status as a result of expensive hospital bills. Accidents are inevitable and can happen any time, and that is always necessary to know the best tow truck accident lawyers that you can approach.

Types Of Tow Trucks On The Road

These are some of the issues that people ignore and do not want to know until they get involved in such an accident.  Having an idea of such information is vital as it can quickly help you to determine the tow truck that injured you. Some of the common tow trucks you will come across on the roads include the flatbed tow trucks, the wheel lift tow trucks, repossession trucks, the boom, and also the hook and chain tow trucks where all of them are heavy moving machines that can cause an accident.

Contact our Experienced Michigan Tow Truck Accident Lawyers

Whenever you get involved in an accident with a tow truck in Michigan, the first thing you need is to ensure that you seek help from a professional tow truck accident lawyer.  Our attorneys have the skills required to handle such cases and collect all the evidence that you will need before the tow truck companies try to evade the case.   All they require from you is to provide accurate information from you so that they can build a strong case that will help you to win the case so that you can receive the most appropriate compensation.  They are readily available to assist you at the most competitive cost without exploiting you.  We offer free consultations for all truck accident cases and charge no fee unless your case is won and you receive compensation!